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仰光滇緬料理 – Yangon Thai Myanmar cuisine

I loved Thai foods so much (before) and now, enough for me to say I love Thai food..just love, without know why? because I got God, there are a lot…a loot Thai foods Restaurant in Gongguan, and there were one week when I and Leo ate Thai foods in days row, and we both got stomach problem, and he even said i’m pregnant the Thai Baby..and one of Thai foods that we tried was this Restaurant; 仰光滇緬料理 – Yangon Thai Myanmar cuisine, it’s not pure Thai anyway, for me it’s more Myanmar foods, but’s almost the saaamee :p..

The restaurant is located at 臺北市羅斯福路三段284巷1號, Roosevelt Rd, No.1 Lane 284, sec is next to the Gongguan Park, and will be easy to see because the have the big banner in front, which..for me..look so Thai

Yangoon Thai Food Banner

The ambient of the restaurant look nice for me, the capacity is around 35 persons, decorated nicely with low light.

Restaurant Environment

And it is somehow true, you can judge the price from how the restaurant look, and to other Thai restaurants in Gongguan this restaurant is kinda more expensive, the price is above 200 per portion. The menu is provided in Chinese, English and with pictures as well.

Menu and the Price

Well..luckily we came there for lunch, and this restaurant has special package for lunch which cost 120 NT per package ( 4 USD$ or 36.000 IDR)

The Special Package for Lunch

Well..there are some options there, but sorry, to be honest i don’t remember what those were, and i can’t read Chinese either, but i do remember the package i ordered was a rice set with minced pork- stirred fried, and for sure i asked the spicy one..well.this is one tip i would like to give you; be careful if you ask spicy thing to Thai people, they are not Taiwanese when you ask super spicy you got just medium spicy..but those Thai people know what spicy is, i kinda forgot that, and i ordered da la..super spicy, and was super spicy and burned my tongue..haha..but trust me..i love it!

Lunch Package with super spicy minced pork-stirred fried (120 NT)

The rice package included the vegetable, and well..for me, i like it, not only because it was spicy, but generally i like Thai foods taste, and the portion was perfect, small rice, and vegetable but big amount of meat.

We also ordered fried tofu with Thai sauce style which cost 80 NT (2, 7 USD$, 24.000 IDR)

Fried Tofu with Thai sauce style - 80 NT

The tofu was good, the texture was nice, the sauce was good..simply i like it!

Point? well..this place is expensive, the taste is good but not so special compare to other Thai restaurant..just not worthy enough if we consider the 7 is enough!

Well..Taipe is getting chiller, happy eating guys, but remember to eat something warm for your body…and see you the next restaurant!




Vietnamese Cuisine

Tina Says:

After reading my review about the Madame Jill’s some of my friends (some of them are Vietnamese) suggested me to try another Vietnamese Restaurant called Vietnamese Cuisine. My friends said that with the cheaper price you can get the same or even better foods that true? I will tell you later.

Let’s start with the location and ambiance; It was not like we used to do; just pick it on the way, for this restaurant, we did look for it in purpose, as i wanted to follow my friends suggestion, but anyway it was a bit confusing to find it, because they have a big banner which is located on other shop, but when we took a look better, the banner was an arrow to show the real location, but trust me guys, for us it wasn’t an arrow, even anyway finally we found the restaurant by following the arrow. This restaurant is located in Roosevelt Rd Sec 3, Alley 286, Lane 4 No.6, exactly next to the Poppy Thai Cuisine, where 2 Thai restaurants and this restaurant are one next to another.

Vietnamese Cuisine - In front look

This restaurant is dominated with the green color, with capacity is around 30 persons. They have aircond and fans inside, clean and neat. We were there around 12.30 but anyway there were no many people inside, we don’t know that it’s not its peak time yet, or yes this restaurant is not popular enough..we don’t know

Vietnamese Cuisine - Inside look

All the menus are of course Vietnamese foods, provided in Chinese and Vietnamese, no English menu, they have the pictures of the foods attached on the table, but it’s not clear at all, small, blur, and i don’t know what’s the different between one to way to know but guessing. The price, as my friends said, is averagely cheaper than Madame Jill’s, around 85 to 135 NT.

The menu and pictures are attached on the table

Unlikely in Madame Jill’s or others Vietnamese restaurant, this restaurant doesn’t provide free drink( water or tea) for the customer, but they have soup instead, i guess they’re adapting to Taiwanese custom

And as i said, there’s noway to know the food but guessing between Leo’s translation and the picture, So considering that Vietnam is famous of its pho –kind of rice noddle– I ordered kind of rice noddle with beef which costed me 90 NT (27.000 IDR or 2.95 USD)

Rice Noddle with Beef - 90NT

Is the picture looked nice guys? well..i tell you it’s not nice at all, it’s me, i even asked Leo, wondering whether they cooked it that way or they forgot to put salt Leo asked the salt for me, and i put like 1 small spoon to it just to get some was disappointing for me and in the end i didn’t finish it, just ate all the beef. Leo’s food was good, i tried it, that’s why we thought that I may have ordered the wrong’on, let’s say i ordered the wrong food which is not their best at, but it’s not supposed to be that bad and tasteless.

My conclusion, Let’s say I got the wrong food, but anyway i don’t like it, and i don’t wanna come back there anymore..i prefer a bit more expensive but eatable than cheaper but i just left it unfinished. Madame Jill’s is still better for me!

Point? 6 for that weird food 6 from 1 to 10..i could give it lower, but i know that Leo’s food was good, so 6 for the possibility of forgetting the salt..tsshh

Still happy eating guys and see you in the next restaurant


NB: Btw, today is Leo birthday..would you guys pray for him with me? (we need to pray for him, for he doesn’t pray..hehe) Let’s pray for his health, happiness, long life and we can keep doing this hobby and many other things :p
Happy birthday honey!


Poppy Thai Cuisine

I did mention when i reviewed  Madame Jill Restaurant that i do also love Thai Foods, and recently we just tried a small Thai restaurant called Poppy Thai Cuisine, well..they do have chinese name, but again, I cannot write it for you guys, let Leo do it later (Duibuqi, wo de Zhongwen bu hao :p)

The restaurant is located in Roosevelt Rd Sec 3, Alley 286, Lane 4 No.8, near the small park in Gong Guan Night Market, at the first glance we thought it was an Indian restaurant since they have a logo like Indian people in front, but anyway once we looked better the big board sign, we did know it’s a Thai restaurant

Poppy Thai Cuisine

Let’s talk about the ambiance first, it is a small restaurant with capacity no more than 30 persons – i guess-, but it is neat and the purple color and decoration, for me, somehow brings the comfortable, simple and elegant feeling.

The menu are in Chinese and English with no picture, so you have to imagine what the food would be like, All the menu are of course Thai cuisine, even somehow i found one or two menus they write are in Vietnamese style. The price is from 85 to 220 NT.  One more thing you should put attention on, they put some marks in some special menus they have, and my suggestion for the first trial is better to trust them and order what they suggest, instead of gambling and got the wrong one.

The menu are in Chinese and English with no picture

About the service; Compare to some other Thai restaurants i’ve tried in Gong Guan, there’s something missing from the service, the didn’t immediately serve the water (in Traditional Thai pot and glass) to the customers once they arrived, but i did need to ask, and took it by myself. But they have free soup instead as the substitute, was served immediately and the taste was not bad; salty! Overall the service was good, not too slow.

The Free Radish Soup

Okay, let’s get into the main topic: the food and its taste. I ordered a fried pork noddle, one of the special menus they suggest, and it costs 85NT (25.000 IDR/ 2.8 USD) and apparently Leo ordered almost the same as me, but beef, anyway, again,let him review it by himself, since we do love being different :p.

Super Spicy Fried Pork Noddle - 85NT

One tips if you like spicy, better you order the spicy to be added while it’s cooked, like what i did, i ordered to add more spicy on it; Ta La..and gosh..i was really ..really spicy, and yeaahh of course i love it. The taste was great, the ingredient mixed well, even the meat was only little..i guess it’s just the price, since compare to other Thai restaurants it was cheap.

One super plus point of this restaurant; they provide 4 different sauce: spicy with vinegar, spicy, spicy with fish oil, fish oil (for me it tasted like shrimp paste or “terasi”). Me? since my food was spicy already, i added some fish oil into and it’s really really great..I love it!

Incredible Good Spicy and Sauces

The portion was small, anyway it’s enough for me, but for boys..i guess you have to order something else..this won’t make you full.

Overall..iI love it!!! This is maybe one of the best Thai restaurant i’ve been tried here. i would like to comeback to try the fried rice, i can imagine, fried rice added with the fish oil..that will be great!

Point? 8.5 from 1 to 10 you got to try it 🙂

That’s all guys, happy eating and see you in the next restaurant 🙂

-wo hen lei…zai jian-



Indo Sakura – Indonesian Foods

Tina Says:

Guys, here finally i would like to share you about an Indonesian restaurant called Toko Indo Sakura, well..actually it is not in Gongguan, but as Leo said, let it be in, as it is one of our favorite and we’re gonna put it as a bonus track of Gongguan review Series 😀 The restaurant is located in Xinhai Road Sec 1 no 27, some building next to MRT Taipe Power Building Exit 2 (gosh..i wish i put the correct address..anyway, i’ll do correct it later).

Indo Sakura

As we used to do after i finish church, last Sunday we had lunch in Toko Indo Sakura since Leo was like craving for its fried rice, yeah he loves the fried rice in this restaurant..and so do I, and for me..of course as I am Indonesian, i love all the foods there, the taste just gets on my tongue.

This restaurant is small and kind of a combined between a restaurant and a mini market which provides some Indonesian stuffs such as cosmetics, various of snacks, foods, some cooking food ingredient, and etc. And inside are only for no more than 16 persons. This place has no air conditioner, but anyway it is open air and it has 2 big ceiling fans. While you enjoy your foods, the Indonesian aura is somehow around through the television programs that they’re watching or the music.

Indo Sakura - A Combined Restaurant and Mini Market

The menu provided are of course Indonesian foods and Halal*. They have some kind of buffet that you can take it by your self and also some kind of menus that you need to order first, and they will cook it or heat it right after you order, such as fried noodle, fried rice, soto (Indonesian Soup), and Bakso (Indonesian meat ball)

Buffet Menu

For the foods that they serve in buffet, let me warn it is Indonesian foods, some of them are spicy, so if you cannot eat spicy, better you ask first and make sure you don’t take foods that will only burn your tongue and stomach, like what my Taiwanese friend experienced before. The same thing you should do if you want to order the one they write in menu…if you don’t like spicy, just let them know..anyway, for me..spicy is always better 😀

Menu that you can order

And one more thing, the menu is provided in Bahasa Indonesia and in Chinese, no English menu, and the price is from 80 NT to 100 NT for the foods, and they also provide some Indonesian drinks in price 30 NT

And get into what we ordered, just to make it different from what Leo ordered (as i told you, he was craving for the chicken fried rice), i ordered Soto Ayam, Indonesian chicken soup that costed me 100 NT (30.000 IDR or 3.3 USD)..well what do you want me to say? of course i love it, well..don’t compare with the original we get in Indonesia which is of course better taste and cheaper, the Soto Ayam here anyway compares to most of the foods in Taipe is still better and tasty for me :p..yeah..what can i say..

Soto Ayam (Indonesian Chiken Soup) - 100 NT

And I did also try Leo’s fried rice..again, what can i say..I love it too..but anyway, let leave it to Leo to review and give his comments on it. will not be fair, if i ,as the Indonesian, give the scale point of the Indonesian foods..because i would like to 10 on me be mentioning point for this..just make it like this: you’re so welcome to come and prove that i am not making it is delicious, and if i may recommend you..the Fried Rice is the best among all the menus, among all the fried rice i’ve ever eaten in Taiwan..hehe

Okay..that’s all..see you in the next restaurants and happy eating



Leo Says:

I am “write” now in my desk drinking my first Kopi Luak (Civet coffee), and I think is the best complement for this review.

If there is something difficult to find in any country, it is food that tastes similar to the original. But if you wanna have good food, better to follow the natives (or the jilbabs in this case). Sometimes the food must be adapted to the local taste or sometimes it is almost impossible to cook it the same way you do it back in your hometown, but believe me when I say that this is real Indonesian style spicy food.

I have not tried many dishes in this place, but what I have eaten was wonderful. The fried rice, the noodles, the soup, all well prepared, big portions (besar besar), and once you try it once you just want to go back to that place. I think that the key of this place is the Indonesian girls working at the kitchen.

The place is really charming. This small eatery shop with the supermarket shelves on the left, and an old computer at the back playing Indonesian music or funny TV programs, all the posters on the wall, and the Taiwanese boss that is always smiling. You can see Indonesian girls screaming in and out of the place (rarely you can find boys here), and you have everything you need on the table.

The food is always fast, hot and abundant. As most of the times I go there for breakfast (because Tina is there at 11am, for which if I have breakfast at 10am then I’m not hungry) I use to order no spicy so I can add it by myself; and contrary of what you would expect, it is no spicy at all. But if you order spicy, then be ready!.

If you are studying your second Chinese book you wont have problems to understand the menu. Maybe next time I go I will propose the boss to translate the menu to English and Spanish in exchange for free food.

Food: 25/30. Is very good, but there are not much choices.
Service: 26/30. It would be 30 if they have waiters, but the boss is just a scream away from your needs. Is very fast and fresh food.
Ambient: 27/30. Is lovely for an informal lunch, is opposite to the sun and all open so it is not hot; I never felt the need for aircon until Tina reviewed it.

Terima kasiiiiii


Halal (Arabic: حلال‎ ḥalāl, “lawful”) is a term designating any object or an action which is permissible to use or engage in, according to Islamic law. The term is used to designate food seen as permissible according to Islamic law (no pork)


Madame Jill’s – Vietnamese Cuisine

Do you like Vietnamese foods? I do, in many times when i have lunch together with some friends, and they ask me what i do wanna eat, i would tend to answer Thai or Vietnamese foods. Why?? okay, let me be honest, as the Indonesian i used to eat tasty food, you may say strong flavor, but, really the foods i used to have are kind of spicy, salty, which you can find sensation of onion taste, and some other ingredients, so..simply i can say, i was suffer for the first moments i was here, when all the foods for me were just too plain, light, and tasteless, not even salty! and The Thai and Vietnamese foods are always the best foods i can get since the flavor is slightly like Indonesian, and of course more tasty than the common foods here, and something special from Thai and Vietnamese food is its sour sensation, not so sour, it’s to say..delicious 😀

And the restaurant that we used to come is called Madame Jill’s which is located in 20-3 Xinsheng S Road, Sec 3, Gong Guan Taipei. Some say that compare to few other Vietnamese restaurants, Madame Jill’s is a bit more expensive (averagely 150 NT) but, i would like to say that actually you pay what you got, since the ambiance of the restaurant is nice, clean, and suitable for even family gathering. The capacity of the restaurant is around 75 persons, i think, and every time i went there, whether for lunch or dinner, the place was always full, but they do maintain the clean, and the service is fast.

Madame Jill's - During the Lunch Hour

The menu is in Chinese and English, and they do provide with the pictures, so there would be no problem in choosing, the problem is maybe in ordering, since they have another order paper which all are written in Chinese, so we need to match the number of the foods in pictures and the food’s number on the paper order to order, or if you’re not sure, just ask the waitress, and pointing the picture to recheck whether you order the right foods or not.

As i mentioned previously the foods here taste good, i have tried some of their menu, and i have no complain about them, some of the menu that i have ever tried are

1. the spicy beef with the coconut milk, and i just love it, they serve it with french bread, but if you prefer rice instead, you just simply order it with rice, if i’m not wrong it costs 180 NT ( 54.000 IDR or 5.9 USD)

2. The white noddle with shrimp spring roll. this is Olvin’s favorite, there’s no way to make him order anything else, he keeps ordering this thing no matter how many times we eat here, and i’m the one who always complain, i’m not saying that the food tastes bad, i just want him to try something even i know this food is good, while i’m with him, i resist not to order just because i don’t want to let him feel he won over my argument :D. But anyway the food is good, kind of noddle with a little soup and vegetable with 3 springs rolls over it. It costs 120 NT

With Noddle with Spring Rolls - 120 NT

3. The last food i tried was beef noddle with coconut milk, it was not bad, Leo said that it is more like Vietnamese Niuromien, but i have to say that it is even better than Niuromien, it has real flavor, tasty, salty even not spicy at all for me. It costs (if i’m not wrong) 130 NT

Beef Noddle with Coconut Milk - 130 NT ( no bread)

We did try some other foods like seafood fried noddle, Shrimp ball, satay (125 NT), salad (Leo’s favorite, let him tell you by himself) and i would just say i love all those foods. I’m not sure about the exact price but i’m sure it was around 120 – 180 NT each

Chicken Salad

Shrimp Ball

Satay - 125NT

Seafood Fried Noddle

Well..seems i’ve been writing a lot only for this restaurant, so just let’s put it in number..i have 8.2 from 1 to 10 scale

Okay, happy eating and see you in the next restaurants




Leo Says:

I DO NOT LIKE THIS PLACE. I am not screaming, I just want to be clear. Tina talks about it like this is the best restó in the world, but I disagree.

First of all, the ambient of the place is not so good for me, it is always full and noisy, and if you have to wait it will be outside, either it is melting hot or raining. They have many waiters but they don’t give a shit about you, you have to move your arms like you are drowning in the sea and anyway you have to wait for their own times. Once you get them to you they wont, and believe me I have tried, they wont understand Chinese nor English; and not, they are not Vietnamese. And after you order, you will have to wait long for it.

The pictures in the menu look horrible, nothing look tasty and everything looks the same (soup, curry, porridge, same same). The prices are totally over the average of the food you are getting, and don’t get me started about the food.

Every time I came to this restaurant was just to follow my friends. Yes, I am lazy and most of the time I prefer to let other people decide to avoid think what to eat. And that is the reason why I always choose the salad. For many months it was kept in secret (a really big effort to Tina) but I am getting out of the closet right now!. Ladies and gentleman: I choose the salad. I am not healthy, I am not gay, I just have no other choice.

The noodles are dry and tasteless, and summarizing, all the rest is too oily. The fried stuff: oily; the bbqed stuff: oily, the soups: oily; the curry: oily. Anyway, the salad is not the discovery of gunpowder, it is called “chicken salad”, but between us, is a cabbage salad with some pieces of chicken and a good dressing. If you side order a bread, then you get fool… sorry, full, and that’s all for your lunch.

I have tried many other dishes here, trying to get rid of the salad curse, but there was no way. I love Thai food, I love Indo food, I like Viet food, but this place has nothing to offer to me.

Food: 11/30. As I said: oily. Some dishes are not bad, but nothing surprising.
Service: 9/30. The waiters don’t speak English, they bring you everything to the table, except napkins.
Ambient: 15/30. I have never felt comfortable in this place.

Madame Jill Zǒu kāi!