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佳興魚丸店 – Jiā Xìng Fish Meat Ball Shop

Tina Says

Wanna grab something fast, hot, in small portion, cheap and of course delicious? I think this one could be the good alternative choice for you guys. 佳興魚丸店 – Jiā Xìng Fish Meat Ball Shop

Before, there were several times when we just passed by that restaurant and felt curious what they sell, as they have a shark caricature on the banner, but anyway we just passed it like that, since all the menu, and everything..everything is in Chinese character, and Leo, as always, was so lazy to think, translate and explain me one by one, so we decided to go only if we are with a local friend who can understand and talk with the seller.

So, couple weeks ago, finally we tried to eat in that restaurant which is located in No 243, Section 3, TingZhou Rd, at the back of Gong Guan Night Market. Even it’s just a small restaurant, typically traditional Taiwanese restaurant, but it is easy to find, for it has a shark caricature on its banner, the caricature that made me curious.

The restaurant with shark logo in front

The menu (which is all in Chinese)is listed on the banner so everyone passes by can just take a look on it and decide whether they want to go inside or not. They provide fish ball in some variation; with mushroom inside, fish or meat inside, just solid fish ball, and some other else that i don’t remember, they also have variation with noddle; dried noddle with sauce and meat over it, noddle with soup and fish ball, white noddle, yellow noddle, whatever..i don’t really remember, basically they provide the fish ball and noddle! and that is why they have that shark logo 😀

Not only everything is written in Chinese, the sellers also speak Chinese only, so..better to go with the one who speaks Chinese!

As any other typically Traditional Taiwanese restaurant, This restaurant also has the kitchen in front, they even make the ball in front of its shop, so everyone can see and take a look. Entered to the restaurant you will find 5 tables (well..i think it’s 4 :p) with 4 chairs each, so roughly the capacity is no more than 20 persons.

We were 4 and we ordered differently; the fish balls with the rice noddle  (60 NT: 18.000 IDR, 2USD),fish balls with meat inside (50 NT: 15.000 IDR) Fish balls with yellow noddle (60 NT), the dried noddle (60 NT), -take a look pictures bellow anyway-

Fish Ball with meat inside (50 NT - 4pcs)

Dried Noddle with sauce and meat - 60 NT

Fish Balls with yellow noddle - 60 NT

Fish Balls with rice noddle

I did try all of those, and all were delicious, really!!

The fish ball with the meat inside tasted so yummy, it’s salty enough, the texture of the fish and meat are just indicated that it’s fresh, the dried noddle had good sauce, and the ingredient were just so..well..delicious

The portion is small, but anyway was okay for me, i don’t need big portion as i always eat little but often :p, but for boys, surely the portion is not enough for you,  you may need to order the noddle and the fish ball, but anyway you might not be full yet, like Olvin was :p..But let’s compare it in price, i think that’s a good price!

Simply..I love the foods here, and would like to come back again someday..Point? 8.5 from 1 to 10 scale

Okay Guys, happy eating and see you in the next restaurant




興隆手工涼麵 – Xīng Lóng

What is the most popular food that makes all the new comer foreigners curious to try it here? i believe most of them will say that it is stinky tofu or chòu dòufu.

People do name it like that for yes, it is really really stinky since it is formed from fermentation process. The degree of the stinky itself has some various degrees, from ‘not so stinky’ to ‘very very stinky, that even will make you want to vomit because of its strength odor. And there are several ways in serving, like the boiled with the soup, the fried – barbecued, and the fried one. Me? i prefer the fried one, because the boiled one is just too..too strong odor, and the soup is even more stinky and weird for me.

The very first time i tried it was horrible, i didn’t even know how it can be famous and favorite, but then i didn’t even know how it started i become like it and even hunt for it, and apparently the same thing happened to Leo :D, and now everytime we want to eat chòu dòufu is just easy by simply following the garbage odor, and there we are, we find our chòu dòufu. We used to hunt the good chòu dòufu every where we hang around for foods, indeed there are some stupid funny experiences, like once we had chòu dòufu for the breakfast, and it was really strong chòu dòufu and even worse i added some spicy on it, and sure hell yeah i got diarrhea all day long afterwards.

We have some favorite of chòu dòufu, and one of them is this small restaurant called 興隆手工涼麵 – Xīng Lóng which is located in No.2-1, Ln. 333, Sec. 3, Roosevelt Rd., Da’an Dist, across Gong Guan Night market

興隆手工涼麵 - Xīng Lóng - Chou Doufu Seller

It's cooked and served right in front of you

The restaurant is so typically Taiwanese traditional foods restaurant, well..we just call it so Chinese; small, they cook and serve the meals right in front of you, and the owner greet you and welcome you happily. Menu they provide are of course chòu dòufu, various kind of noddles that i don’t know what were that, since all the menu are in Chinese Characters, no English, and the sellers don’t speak English. But i did know they had since Olvin and lenyo ordered some kind of noddles, and those were in pictures, yes they do have pictures only for some special menus, but anyway was difficult for me to understand :D, so i just ordered the chòu dòufu, the fried one, and i don’t know whether they have the other kinds of the chòu dòufu of not. It costed 40 (or 30??? well..i don’t remember it since Leo paid for that)

The Crunchy and Yummy Chou Doufu

One description for this is: Delicious, and i may say that this is the best Chou Doufu in Gong Guan Area, or even one of the best i ever tried, and apparently Leo and Olvin agreed with me. It was crunchy, not too stinky, tasty with good mixed ingredient and the pickles. I used not to eat the pickles that’s served together with chòu dòufu, because it’s just used to be too sour for me, but pickles in this retaurant is different, not sour and so delicious. The portion? is least for me

My Point for this? 8.5 from 1 to 10 chòu dòufu scale, hehe..if you are chòu dòufu lover, or you are the new comer who want to try chòu dòufu, i recommend you to come here since the new comer should pick the correct one to make them not to stop eating :p

Okay guys, happy eating and see you in the next restaurants



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