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Madame Jill’s – Vietnamese Cuisine

Do you like Vietnamese foods? I do, in many times when i have lunch together with some friends, and they ask me what i do wanna eat, i would tend to answer Thai or Vietnamese foods. Why?? okay, let me be honest, as the Indonesian i used to eat tasty food, you may say strong flavor, but, really the foods i used to have are kind of spicy, salty, which you can find sensation of onion taste, and some other ingredients, so..simply i can say, i was suffer for the first moments i was here, when all the foods for me were just too plain, light, and tasteless, not even salty! and The Thai and Vietnamese foods are always the best foods i can get since the flavor is slightly like Indonesian, and of course more tasty than the common foods here, and something special from Thai and Vietnamese food is its sour sensation, not so sour, it’s to say..delicious 😀

And the restaurant that we used to come is called Madame Jill’s which is located in 20-3 Xinsheng S Road, Sec 3, Gong Guan Taipei. Some say that compare to few other Vietnamese restaurants, Madame Jill’s is a bit more expensive (averagely 150 NT) but, i would like to say that actually you pay what you got, since the ambiance of the restaurant is nice, clean, and suitable for even family gathering. The capacity of the restaurant is around 75 persons, i think, and every time i went there, whether for lunch or dinner, the place was always full, but they do maintain the clean, and the service is fast.

Madame Jill's - During the Lunch Hour

The menu is in Chinese and English, and they do provide with the pictures, so there would be no problem in choosing, the problem is maybe in ordering, since they have another order paper which all are written in Chinese, so we need to match the number of the foods in pictures and the food’s number on the paper order to order, or if you’re not sure, just ask the waitress, and pointing the picture to recheck whether you order the right foods or not.

As i mentioned previously the foods here taste good, i have tried some of their menu, and i have no complain about them, some of the menu that i have ever tried are

1. the spicy beef with the coconut milk, and i just love it, they serve it with french bread, but if you prefer rice instead, you just simply order it with rice, if i’m not wrong it costs 180 NT ( 54.000 IDR or 5.9 USD)

2. The white noddle with shrimp spring roll. this is Olvin’s favorite, there’s no way to make him order anything else, he keeps ordering this thing no matter how many times we eat here, and i’m the one who always complain, i’m not saying that the food tastes bad, i just want him to try something even i know this food is good, while i’m with him, i resist not to order just because i don’t want to let him feel he won over my argument :D. But anyway the food is good, kind of noddle with a little soup and vegetable with 3 springs rolls over it. It costs 120 NT

With Noddle with Spring Rolls - 120 NT

3. The last food i tried was beef noddle with coconut milk, it was not bad, Leo said that it is more like Vietnamese Niuromien, but i have to say that it is even better than Niuromien, it has real flavor, tasty, salty even not spicy at all for me. It costs (if i’m not wrong) 130 NT

Beef Noddle with Coconut Milk - 130 NT ( no bread)

We did try some other foods like seafood fried noddle, Shrimp ball, satay (125 NT), salad (Leo’s favorite, let him tell you by himself) and i would just say i love all those foods. I’m not sure about the exact price but i’m sure it was around 120 – 180 NT each

Chicken Salad

Shrimp Ball

Satay - 125NT

Seafood Fried Noddle

Well..seems i’ve been writing a lot only for this restaurant, so just let’s put it in number..i have 8.2 from 1 to 10 scale

Okay, happy eating and see you in the next restaurants




Leo Says:

I DO NOT LIKE THIS PLACE. I am not screaming, I just want to be clear. Tina talks about it like this is the best restó in the world, but I disagree.

First of all, the ambient of the place is not so good for me, it is always full and noisy, and if you have to wait it will be outside, either it is melting hot or raining. They have many waiters but they don’t give a shit about you, you have to move your arms like you are drowning in the sea and anyway you have to wait for their own times. Once you get them to you they wont, and believe me I have tried, they wont understand Chinese nor English; and not, they are not Vietnamese. And after you order, you will have to wait long for it.

The pictures in the menu look horrible, nothing look tasty and everything looks the same (soup, curry, porridge, same same). The prices are totally over the average of the food you are getting, and don’t get me started about the food.

Every time I came to this restaurant was just to follow my friends. Yes, I am lazy and most of the time I prefer to let other people decide to avoid think what to eat. And that is the reason why I always choose the salad. For many months it was kept in secret (a really big effort to Tina) but I am getting out of the closet right now!. Ladies and gentleman: I choose the salad. I am not healthy, I am not gay, I just have no other choice.

The noodles are dry and tasteless, and summarizing, all the rest is too oily. The fried stuff: oily; the bbqed stuff: oily, the soups: oily; the curry: oily. Anyway, the salad is not the discovery of gunpowder, it is called “chicken salad”, but between us, is a cabbage salad with some pieces of chicken and a good dressing. If you side order a bread, then you get fool… sorry, full, and that’s all for your lunch.

I have tried many other dishes here, trying to get rid of the salad curse, but there was no way. I love Thai food, I love Indo food, I like Viet food, but this place has nothing to offer to me.

Food: 11/30. As I said: oily. Some dishes are not bad, but nothing surprising.
Service: 9/30. The waiters don’t speak English, they bring you everything to the table, except napkins.
Ambient: 15/30. I have never felt comfortable in this place.

Madame Jill Zǒu kāi!



E Ya Ji Bakery Shop

Tina Says:

E Ya Ji Bakery Shop

The second restaurant we went to eat was (coincidentally..again) still a restaurant with Hong Kong style foods, we did choose the restaurant in random, well..actually i did, i chose it because it looks just red, ought to know that i’m freaking red fanatic, and there’re many times i decide something in a nonsense matter of reason but just because it’s red!

The restaurant called E Ya Ji Bakery Shop, the do have name in Chinese character, but so bad i can’t write it for you guys (wo de Zhongwen bu hao :D). Although the name is with “Bakery Shop”, but it is not a bakery Taiwan, they sometime have their own standard in naming something, like in this case, we think just because they sell some kind of traditional Taiwan bakery they call them self as a bakery shop,,but trust me, it is more a restaurant than a bakery shop.It is located in No. 16, Lane 286, Section 3, Roosevelt Rd Gongguan. and we did find the website if you want to know more about it

Unlikely the first restaurant we did the review – – the physical appearance of this restaurant is nice, and for us it’s even look like a hostel, they have kind of reception table in front, so you should tell the staff when you arrive so they will send you to the table.

The restaurant has 3 floors and each floor has capacity about 50 – 100 persons. So if you plan to have a family dinner or would like to have dinner together with colleagues, i believe this is the right place to choose

The foods, as named, are Chinese foods cooked in Hong Kong style, they provide the menu all in Chinese, but don’t worry since all the menu are with picture, so you should be able to guess what the foods are from the pictures. At the first, the price for the foods, for me was a bit more expensive than what i used to eat, it is around 150 to 450 NT per portions, for single portion is averagely at 220 NT and they also have share portions with customized cost (500, 750, 1200, depend on what you order) but then, when we saw the foods that we ordered, the price was just worth for the portion was big, since the restaurant is quite big and had a lot of costumers, the serving was not so fast, we did finish conversation about our childhood time when finally they came to serve our order.

Chinese Menu with Pictures

I ordered a plate of fried beef noddle which costed me 160 NT ( 46.500 IDR or 5.27 USD), for me it was nice, tasty, and had a lot of meat inside, if you prefer chicken than beef, they do also have the same kind of noddle with chicken which cost you 10 NT cheaper, 150NT

Fried beef noddle - 160NT

Okay, so let me put in number i have 8 point from 1 to 10
In conclusion: the foods is good, the restaurant is suitable for family gathering and kind of you’d like to have family dinner or meal time with your colleagues, this should be a right place for you.

Okay..happy eating and see you in the next restaurant..

wo chi bao le…


Leo Says:

Well, it looks like Tina already said everything about this place, so lets just talk about feelings.

The place name in Chinese is 易牙居 (Yì Yá Jū) and they have three branches: the one we visited in Gongguan, another in YongHe (永和) and the last one in TaiZhong (台中); but only the one in Gongguan was named as “Bakery shop”.

From the moment you get into the reception area you will feel weird, you wont know if they are having a party, if it is a Hotel or what; well, just don’t try to go inside and take a table because they are going to kick you out back to the reception. When you understand that you have to go to front desk and ask for a table you will get a number and the direction to a floor. However, when you get to the floor you were designated to, the waitress wont know how many are you, if someone is already waiting for you, you will wait for someone or what, so, lets say it this way, it is just too much bureaucracy to eat some noodles.

You get the menu (only in Chinese) and the waitress will push you to order a tea and to get your order. When you guess what every picture is and realize the overprice then it is too late to scape. You just point you finger to a picture and wait, wait, wait… one dish came, but keep waiting for the other, keep waiting, you start to eat you dish, your partner also eat from yours, and… there it is! you all have your food.

I ordered some shrimp Dim Sum (鮮蝦餃) first, and I was very surprised when with my first bite I realized it was all filled just with shrimps, no paste, no fish, no eggs, just shrimps. Delicious!.

Shrimp Dim Sum - 3 for 75NT (2.4 USD)

My main dish was Cantonese Style Fried Noodles with seafood (廣東炒麵), and I must confess that is in this moment when the waiting and the high price pay off. My surprise this time was at the very moment of taking a look at my dish, all full of seafood, expensive mushrooms and a lot of sauce. I know, you will think “of course it has sauce, it is HK style”; but that is not obvious in Taiwan, were it looks like people like their food a little dryer than in the south of China.

Cantonese noodles - 180NT (6 USD)

The noodles were nice cooked, all the other ingredients very tasty, but the sauce was a little too soft for me. And we could discuss for hours about adding salt to Chinese food or the salty self sufficient of the soy sauce, but I think that I don’t need healthy food from a restaurant; just bring me the good stuff! Anyway, I had to add some soy sauce to make it better. But in general the food was good.

The Pu Er tea was so so, but is ok for just 15NT.

Food: 25/30. It was good, but a bit over priced.
Service: 15/30. The waiters don’t speack English, they don’t have English menu, and the kitchen was too slow.
Ambient: 27/30. Very nice place, perfect to have a small party as they count with division to make it more private, also good for a family dinner. I think they should improve the acoustic because in some moments the noise was a little unpleasant.

Wǒmen yāo mǎidān


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