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“Refreshment” – 1st

Tina Says:

This post is not a review of any restaurant, just a sharing of what i’ve been observing for 1 year here. Like any other part of adaptation and cultural shock, i felt some inconvenience before, and sometimes still do, but anyway now i know i’m in the stage of enjoying this.  There are many things that i finally underline about generally foods, eating habit, or something that finally turned to be habit and customs here in Taiwan.

As an Indonesian who used to eat spicy, strong flavor and seasoning food, foods here are kinda tasteless (especially if you eat in school where all the prices are subsidized like 30%). It made me suffered for my first months, but then, later, my tongue got costumed and started to taste “the deliciousness” of Taiwanese Foods. Actually it’s like any other places, just the matter how you find the right place to eat.

People here rarely put salt inside while cooking, but they cook with soy sauce that for them is salty enough, they put more sugar instead, so yes..the foods are likely sweet, and instead of having salt on table, some restaurants provide sugar..Me? so bad i don’t like sweet flavor in my foods 😦

The other flavor that i notified since very first time is Ginger!, yes..they put ginger in almost all kind of foods, and took me months to get used to it, believe me, my first months here i did have wish to make all the ginger plantation here destroyed..i hated ginger..but then now i get costumed to it and even turned to like least i like to drink ginger tea now 🙂

People here don’t eat spicy..and this is the most torturing part for me..i have to carry my own spicy everywhere i go, and as every body notifies my addiction to spicy, i received a lot of spicy gift from my friends, i have some spicy from some different countries: Honduras, Mexico, South Africa- Kingdom of Swaziland, China, Thailand, Vietnam and for sure from Indonesia 🙂

Foods are oily, i don’t know how they cook, but really..all are oily! and during summer i always feel the same after eating: i wanna take a shower! i’m not making it up..but it’s true

And totally different with eating habit in Indonesia; where we have to have water while eating, the restaurant that always sell drinks and even get profit from it.  People here don’t..they may have soup, but not always with water or any a lot of restaurant don’t provide drink in their menu, they may have the free drink like water or tea, but they don’t sell, if you want to buy drink, there are a lot of tea or drink shops

Dinner time finish at around 9pm, there are a lot of restaurants close and finish the service at 9pm, i have no problem with that..but a lot of my friends who are western foreigners complain, since they used to have dinner very late and sometimes even almost midnight.

People eat with chopstick, and make me miss to eat fast with spoon and fork, but then as i have to..i get costumed with that and even able to eat soft tofu with chopstick without breaking it…i’m soo happy 🙂

And overall, after a year i’ve been in love with foods here 🙂 -as long as i don’t eat at school :p – What else? i tell you later if i have something cross in my mind



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