Taiwan Kitchen is…

Taiwan kitchen is a blog written by us, Leo and Tina We have big desire in food and try some various of foods in Taiwan, and through this blog, we want to share our experiences, our opinion towards to it We do hope you enjoy it and happy eating!

Tina Says:

Me, and my friend Leo are like partner in crime, we do have a lot of things in common, and one common thing that i enjoy with him is hunting food. For me, with my limited budget as a school scholar student, sometimes it cost a lot..but trust me i do always find the way to make it.

Still about the food, once, last semester we had a bet to eat Niuromian ( Taiwanese style of beef noddle) in a row days, and we did the hunting not limited in Taipe but we even came to Keelung (an 1 hour to go – district outside Taipe city), but then our level of saturation only lasted in 12 days 😀
And in this new semester, we have a new challenge to try all the restaurant in Gongguan area (a closest night market from our campus, NTUST) and i know that the challenge somehow will be continued to another and another night markets

So, here we are, sharing our experiences and opinions in enjoying the foods, i hope this share can be one of your guidance in choosing foods, and trust me..i love this challenge, just wish us not to get too fat, so we won’t stop it and be able share you more and more about how delicious Taiwan is:)



Leo says:

I will finally accept this: I love to complain about everything. Tina noticed this some time ago, but she also realized that it was very positive when I do it to the correct person at the correct time.

And it is true that I love to eat any kind of things. And it is true that I can recognize a well prepared dish and I can enjoy both a very good service as a well as a DIY style Chinese cheap restó. I enjoy being friendly with the waitress and the boss, as well as I enjoy to tell all my friends when a place is shit and they don’t have to go there. But be careful when you criticize a place I liked.

And of course I accept any kind of bet, that is why that we thought that if we are really going to do this, better to blog it.

I hope you enjoy it, and it also give you some new locations to visit when you are near Gongguan.



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