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仰光滇緬料理 – Yangon Thai Myanmar cuisine

I loved Thai foods so much (before) and now, enough for me to say I love Thai food..just love, without know why? because I got God, there are a lot…a loot Thai foods Restaurant in Gongguan, and there were one week when I and Leo ate Thai foods in days row, and we both got stomach problem, and he even said i’m pregnant the Thai Baby..and one of Thai foods that we tried was this Restaurant; 仰光滇緬料理 – Yangon Thai Myanmar cuisine, it’s not pure Thai anyway, for me it’s more Myanmar foods, but’s almost the saaamee :p..

The restaurant is located at 臺北市羅斯福路三段284巷1號, Roosevelt Rd, No.1 Lane 284, sec is next to the Gongguan Park, and will be easy to see because the have the big banner in front, which..for me..look so Thai

Yangoon Thai Food Banner

The ambient of the restaurant look nice for me, the capacity is around 35 persons, decorated nicely with low light.

Restaurant Environment

And it is somehow true, you can judge the price from how the restaurant look, and to other Thai restaurants in Gongguan this restaurant is kinda more expensive, the price is above 200 per portion. The menu is provided in Chinese, English and with pictures as well.

Menu and the Price

Well..luckily we came there for lunch, and this restaurant has special package for lunch which cost 120 NT per package ( 4 USD$ or 36.000 IDR)

The Special Package for Lunch

Well..there are some options there, but sorry, to be honest i don’t remember what those were, and i can’t read Chinese either, but i do remember the package i ordered was a rice set with minced pork- stirred fried, and for sure i asked the spicy one..well.this is one tip i would like to give you; be careful if you ask spicy thing to Thai people, they are not Taiwanese when you ask super spicy you got just medium spicy..but those Thai people know what spicy is, i kinda forgot that, and i ordered da la..super spicy, and was super spicy and burned my tongue..haha..but trust me..i love it!

Lunch Package with super spicy minced pork-stirred fried (120 NT)

The rice package included the vegetable, and well..for me, i like it, not only because it was spicy, but generally i like Thai foods taste, and the portion was perfect, small rice, and vegetable but big amount of meat.

We also ordered fried tofu with Thai sauce style which cost 80 NT (2, 7 USD$, 24.000 IDR)

Fried Tofu with Thai sauce style - 80 NT

The tofu was good, the texture was nice, the sauce was good..simply i like it!

Point? well..this place is expensive, the taste is good but not so special compare to other Thai restaurant..just not worthy enough if we consider the 7 is enough!

Well..Taipe is getting chiller, happy eating guys, but remember to eat something warm for your body…and see you the next restaurant!




大家素食 – Everybody Vegetarian

Tina Says:

O gosh, it’s been so long since i wrote my last review here, it’s not that we stop doing the culinary, we do still, but we are just trapped in 9 courses that we take for this semester that sometimes make us so so lazy writing any review, and to be honest, everyday GongGuan is kinda a bit boring, so sometimes we just escape to have trip or find other places to eat. But..anyway here we are come back with the new review, and we choose to review about the vegetarian restaurant called 大家素食, which means Everybody Vegetarian

I never tried the vegetarian foods in Taiwan before this, well..surely i am not a vegetarian, and before, i had like doubt to try for some reasons like, well…to be honest i still think that  the original, i mean the common foods here are kinda tasteless, i just really couldn’t imagine how the vegetarian would taste like, but Leo said if we will have to finish all restaurants in Gongguan, somehow we will have to eat in vegetarian restaurant, so better for us to start soon than we have to leave all the vegetarian at the last and eat that every single day in our last days :S, so we are

The restaurant in located in the small alley, the first alley behind the main road in GongGuan night market, in front of the only fruit shop in GongGuan (let me check the address later)

We went there during the peak hour for lunch, and we couldn’t get the space inside, that’s why if you really take a look on the picture i was sitting outside :p, yea..the restaurant, even it’s just a small restaurant, seems like has some loyal customers. The menu they have are all written on the board which is easy for the customers to choose or just take a look when they pass by, before really deciding to eat there.

The price are around 30 to 45 for the small dishes and 60 to 80 for the main dishes. Since none of us had idea about vegetarian menu, we just tried and chose the menu randomly, I chose the Angelica soup, it was a bit funny conversation between us, because the name of the soup just sounds like my baptism name Angela, and eating the soup is just like eating me :p, that soup costed me like 65 NT (2.17 USD or 19.000 IDR)

I also ordered the side dish called vegetarian stomach , since i just wanted to know how they imitate the meat of the stomach and cook it in vegetarian version. this costed 30 NT (1 USD, 9000 IDR)

Leo ordered a tomato soup, that we couldn’t recall the name, it costed 60 NT

When my food came, i just knew even before i sipped it that the taste will be ginger, well..i don’t like ginger..and Leo knew that, so he just changed our foods, since the one he ordered had no ginger inside..And now, let’s talk about how those food taste, well..i have to say, i don;t like it..what can i say, i’m not vegetarian, and the taste there is too..too plain for me, the way they imitate the meat, is of course totally fail! the texture of tofu meat wanna be, is somehow just looked and tasted like tofu still, and the ginger aroma and taste even worse for me. and we couldn’t finish our foods, we tried, but we just couldn’t pretend to like it, and we’re sorry for that.

And instead of finishing the food, we had some conversation about why the vegetarian have to imitate meat if they really want to be the vegetarian which in my opinion maybe that now the vegetarian is not exclusively for the some religion only, but it now become the life style for people having healthy life, thus sometimes they do still want to re call how the meats taste by having those imitation meat, but apparently, Leo had his own thought bout it -let him tell you by himself anyway-

So..i don’t want to give any point for this because i realize i’m not vegetarian, i’m not fans of it, will be so un fair if i give my rank for this

Happy eating and see you in the next restaurant



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