龍涎居 Lóng xián jū (Chinese Herbal Soup)

08 Oct

Autumn in Taipe, and winter is coming soon, you probably think, what is the best -good and healthy- to eat during those cold days. Let’s see what we’ve found!

Two days ago, was a bit cold and Leo got a bit unwell, he said he wanted to eat something healthy and warm , and he chose this place, well..we came to this restaurant before, but i didn’t like it, since the soup he ordered before was like kind of real medicine for me: bitter and weird, but anyway i just wanted to be fair; many times he lets me to choose which restaurant i like to go, so only when he’s ill, why not i let him to choose, and in the end, i didn’t regret my decision since apparently i fell in like to this restaurant, yeah..a restaurant specialized in herbal soup called 龍涎居 Lóng Xián Jū.

龍涎居 Lóng xián jū - in front

The restaurant is located at  No. 3, Alley 8, Lane 316, Section 3, Roosevelt  Rd, Jhongjheng District, in the middle area of Gong Guan Night Market, the same alley with 金雞園 – Jīn jī yuán. Since the first time i came there, somehow i found kind of Japanese aura there, lampion on each table, bamboo decoration, everything neat and simple, so Japanese! and Leo said, during the winter this restaurant is always full with customers and most of them are girls! because the want to get 3 in1 package: healthy (not to disturb the diet), hot to warm and the body and delicious!

The menu are in Chinese and English, completed with the pictures, and as mentioned, this restaurant is specialized in herbal soup, they have various of herbal soups, and each of the soup has special function depends on what symptom you have, for the example; if you have flu symptom, the suggested soup would be different with if you have stomach ache symptom, but anyway it doesn’t necessary for you to have that symptom to eat these delicious foods :). The price are from 120 to 180 for the soup, depend on the kind of meat and soup you want.

Not only soups, they also have some other side dishes like stir-fried vegetable (sweet potato leafs), mian sien (the rice noddle), steamed fish, pork rice and some other else that i don’t remember, and the price is around 30 to 60 for the side dishes.

The thing that you have to put attention if you want to eat here is they have the minimum order which is 100 NT for each, and here are what we ordered:

Soup with chicken and pineapple (buhayisi, i forgot the real name, since it’s kind of in Chinese) which costed 120 NT (35.000 IDR or 4 USD) – it’s Leo’s order

Soup with chicken and pineapple - 120 NT

Soup with chicken, ginger, and some herbal that i don’t know, which costed the same 120 NT -it’s Lenyo’s ordered

Soup with chicken, ginger - 120 NT

Me? i didn’t ordered any soup for my self, i just took share from them, since i told you, i didn’t like it before, because the first time i came here, Leo ordered kind of herbal soup with ginseng, and was so bitter, and made me don’t want to order any kind of soup anymore, but this time when i ate these soups i fell in like to it, for it was not bitter, soft flavor but good, no oily taste -like what other foods have here-, and the chicken is good (well..i don;t know what is that kind of chicken called in English, but we Indonesian used to call it ‘ayam kampung’) simply, it was taste ‘healthy and good’, and personally i like the one that Leo ordered than Lenyo, because Lenyo’s was with ginger, and somehow still had a bit bitter flavor.

Since i didn’t order the soup, i ordered the side dishes: Mian Sien that i always like, which costed me 30 NT (8700 IDR or 1 USD) and Pork Rice which was suggested by Leo and costed me 30 NT

Mian Sien - 30 NT

Pork Rice - 30 NT

It’s not like any other mian sien, the mian sien here is kind of dried mian sien…not really dried but almost with no soup, and no intestine like any other have..and i have to tell you, that for me, this is one of the best mian sien i’ve ever eaten here! tasty!, and the same with the pork rice, it was so good!

We also ordered 2 other side dishes: steamed fish (60 NT) and stirred vegetable (30NT)

The side dishes

It was good, but not so special for me, the fish is good, but too much bone anyway 😀

The service in this restaurant is good, the foods came in 4 mins for the side dishes and 10 mins for the soup.

Overall i have 8.5 for this restaurant, and i would like to recommend this restaurant for you, especially if you will spend the winter here: good, healthy and, why not?

Okay guys, happy eating and see you in the next restaurant!



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