Vietnamese Cuisine

04 Oct

Tina Says:

After reading my review about the Madame Jill’s some of my friends (some of them are Vietnamese) suggested me to try another Vietnamese Restaurant called Vietnamese Cuisine. My friends said that with the cheaper price you can get the same or even better foods that true? I will tell you later.

Let’s start with the location and ambiance; It was not like we used to do; just pick it on the way, for this restaurant, we did look for it in purpose, as i wanted to follow my friends suggestion, but anyway it was a bit confusing to find it, because they have a big banner which is located on other shop, but when we took a look better, the banner was an arrow to show the real location, but trust me guys, for us it wasn’t an arrow, even anyway finally we found the restaurant by following the arrow. This restaurant is located in Roosevelt Rd Sec 3, Alley 286, Lane 4 No.6, exactly next to the Poppy Thai Cuisine, where 2 Thai restaurants and this restaurant are one next to another.

Vietnamese Cuisine - In front look

This restaurant is dominated with the green color, with capacity is around 30 persons. They have aircond and fans inside, clean and neat. We were there around 12.30 but anyway there were no many people inside, we don’t know that it’s not its peak time yet, or yes this restaurant is not popular enough..we don’t know

Vietnamese Cuisine - Inside look

All the menus are of course Vietnamese foods, provided in Chinese and Vietnamese, no English menu, they have the pictures of the foods attached on the table, but it’s not clear at all, small, blur, and i don’t know what’s the different between one to way to know but guessing. The price, as my friends said, is averagely cheaper than Madame Jill’s, around 85 to 135 NT.

The menu and pictures are attached on the table

Unlikely in Madame Jill’s or others Vietnamese restaurant, this restaurant doesn’t provide free drink( water or tea) for the customer, but they have soup instead, i guess they’re adapting to Taiwanese custom

And as i said, there’s noway to know the food but guessing between Leo’s translation and the picture, So considering that Vietnam is famous of its pho –kind of rice noddle– I ordered kind of rice noddle with beef which costed me 90 NT (27.000 IDR or 2.95 USD)

Rice Noddle with Beef - 90NT

Is the picture looked nice guys? well..i tell you it’s not nice at all, it’s me, i even asked Leo, wondering whether they cooked it that way or they forgot to put salt Leo asked the salt for me, and i put like 1 small spoon to it just to get some was disappointing for me and in the end i didn’t finish it, just ate all the beef. Leo’s food was good, i tried it, that’s why we thought that I may have ordered the wrong’on, let’s say i ordered the wrong food which is not their best at, but it’s not supposed to be that bad and tasteless.

My conclusion, Let’s say I got the wrong food, but anyway i don’t like it, and i don’t wanna come back there anymore..i prefer a bit more expensive but eatable than cheaper but i just left it unfinished. Madame Jill’s is still better for me!

Point? 6 for that weird food 6 from 1 to 10..i could give it lower, but i know that Leo’s food was good, so 6 for the possibility of forgetting the salt..tsshh

Still happy eating guys and see you in the next restaurant


NB: Btw, today is Leo birthday..would you guys pray for him with me? (we need to pray for him, for he doesn’t pray..hehe) Let’s pray for his health, happiness, long life and we can keep doing this hobby and many other things :p
Happy birthday honey!


2 responses to “Vietnamese Cuisine

  1. Handy

    October 4, 2011 at 1:27 am

    anyway… don’t try the noodles.. but the other’s food like the curry, is better… there’s a menu called roasted pork rice.. it’s very nice..

    And the soup.. if they have chicken soup.. the chicken was too nice.. even that u didn’t bite it.. it will be melt on your tongue.. ^^

    • Taiwan Kitchen

      October 4, 2011 at 1:30 am

      I don’t wanna comeback anyway..hehe..was weird, even let’s say it’s not their best menu..but com’on..that bad??no..i don’t wanna comeback!


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