金雞園 – Jīn jī yuán

02 Oct

It’s Taifoon today in Taipe..rainy, drizzly, windy..such a bad time to go out, i even broke my umbrella today on my way back from church since it couldn’t stand for the wind, and finally here I am, canceled all the plan to go out, writing in front of my netbook instead, and imagine how perfect it would be if i had plates of hot and good foods in front of me :D, anyway seems that’s just impossible, so, here we are coming with our new review about the typically Taiwanese Foods.

Couple days ago, we went to dinner and i said; no matter what, i wanted good foods after the failure we had for lunch in 大福利 排骨大王 – Dà fúlì Ribs King, Deciding for sharing meals-for we were 4 persons- we chose a typically traditional Taiwanese foods restaurant called 金雞園 – Jīn jī yuán, which is located at No. 3, Alley 8, Lane 316, Section 3, Roosevelt  Rd, Jhongjheng District, in the middle area of Gong Guan Night Market. Leo said that the restaurant has some other branches, but i don’t know, i tried this one only

金雞園 - Jīn jī yuán

As i said this restaurant is typically Taiwan restaurant and it has the kitchen in front to attract the costumers to come with the smell and the display food , like they have here; some traditional pastries and bakeries -that anyway they call it cake! :|-

The Pastries Bakeries - Display in front

The restaurant as i observed so far -every time i came there or just passed bye- is always almost full with customers no matter lunch or dinner time, the capacity maybe around 60 persons , and the menu they have for me is like what i always imagine about Taiwanese or generally traditional Chinese foods

The Restaurant - Inside look

The menu are in Chinese and English (but you got to ask for that), no picture and the price is averagely cheap and very affordable

This restaurant is famous of one of its menus: Xiao Long Bao, and of course we ordered what the restaurant is best at :). Costed for  60 NT ( 17.300 IDR or 1.98 USD) we got 5 Xiao Long Bao. For me it looks like dumpling, but it has soup inside, so you have to eat it carefully: take it with the chopstick with the spoon ready underneath, bite a little in the corner, and slowly sip the soup. It is steamed inside a bamboo plate and brought to you  just like that; hot from the steamer! and served with ginger sliced and soy sauce. It taste good for me, but anyway every time, i can only finish no more than 4 pcs..i don’t know why, this dish makes me full easily.

Xiao Long Bao - 60NT (5 pcs)

Similar with the Xiao Long Bao, we also ordered another “dumpling family” that i don’t know the name, but unlike Xiao Long Bao which is covered all the shape to keep the soup inside, this one is more like dimsum or we Indonesian call it Siomay, The cost is 10 NT more expensive than Xiao Long Bao, 70 NT (20.200 IDR or 2.3 USD)

Dimsum (Siomay) - 70 NT

But personally, i prefer this dimsum than the Xiao Long Bao, the taste is more salty, has more meat inside, has shrimp to cover it, and unlikely Xiao Long Bao, you don’t need to be that careful to eat this 😀

As mentioned, that they have some various traditional pastries and bakeries, we also ordered two of them; the beef pastry that costed 20 NT each ( 5.800 IDR or 0.68 USD) and the bread that costed 35 NT (10.100 IDR or 1.2 USD). Me? i love the beef pastry one, more tasty. Leo said that the bread is good, but for me is just’s even sweet…you know i don’t like to have sweet flavor in my foods

Beef Pastry - 20 NT each

The Bread - 35 NT

We also ordered noddle with sesame sauce, which costed for 50 NT (15.000 IDR or 1.65 USD), the noddle is not bad, tasty, i just don’t really like sesame sauce, taste like peanuts, and again..i don’t like sweet flavor for my foods

Sesame Sauce Noddle - 50NT

And among all the menu we ordered i love the chicken fried for the most, it’s so crunchy, nice texture, tasty, salty well fried…well simply, it’s delicious. It costed 70 NT  (20.200 IDR or 2.3 USD), a worth price for it was big, and we shared for 4 persons for that

Chicken Leg Fried - 70 NT

For the dessert i ordered the kind of drink, i don’t know the name but it’s sweet, a bit thick -like it had gel inside- and it had the lotus seed which costed 45 NT (13.000 IDR or 1.5 USD) for a small cup, well..i don’t really like it, weird for me..i just wanted to try..

Sweet Soup with Lotus Seed - 45 NT

They also have the set menu, like what Lenyo’s brother ordered, which costed 100 NT, but i can’t tell you how it is since i didn’t try it, but next time if i come back again, and we don’t order for the sharing menu, i would like to try it, look nice

Chicken, rice in set 100 NT

Overall, i’m satisfied with the restaurant, just some tips from me: don’t buy the drink, for me it’s expensive and just not worth. and don’t expect any spicy here, even the spicy sauce they provide on table is not good at all, weird and if you like spicy, bring your own and the drink, find it outside like this orange juice that you can find it near the restaurant

Point? i have 8 from 1 to 10

Happy eating guys and see you in the next restaurant, Wan An



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