Poppy Thai Cuisine

01 Oct

I did mention when i reviewed  Madame Jill Restaurant that i do also love Thai Foods, and recently we just tried a small Thai restaurant called Poppy Thai Cuisine, well..they do have chinese name, but again, I cannot write it for you guys, let Leo do it later (Duibuqi, wo de Zhongwen bu hao :p)

The restaurant is located in Roosevelt Rd Sec 3, Alley 286, Lane 4 No.8, near the small park in Gong Guan Night Market, at the first glance we thought it was an Indian restaurant since they have a logo like Indian people in front, but anyway once we looked better the big board sign, we did know it’s a Thai restaurant

Poppy Thai Cuisine

Let’s talk about the ambiance first, it is a small restaurant with capacity no more than 30 persons – i guess-, but it is neat and the purple color and decoration, for me, somehow brings the comfortable, simple and elegant feeling.

The menu are in Chinese and English with no picture, so you have to imagine what the food would be like, All the menu are of course Thai cuisine, even somehow i found one or two menus they write are in Vietnamese style. The price is from 85 to 220 NT.  One more thing you should put attention on, they put some marks in some special menus they have, and my suggestion for the first trial is better to trust them and order what they suggest, instead of gambling and got the wrong one.

The menu are in Chinese and English with no picture

About the service; Compare to some other Thai restaurants i’ve tried in Gong Guan, there’s something missing from the service, the didn’t immediately serve the water (in Traditional Thai pot and glass) to the customers once they arrived, but i did need to ask, and took it by myself. But they have free soup instead as the substitute, was served immediately and the taste was not bad; salty! Overall the service was good, not too slow.

The Free Radish Soup

Okay, let’s get into the main topic: the food and its taste. I ordered a fried pork noddle, one of the special menus they suggest, and it costs 85NT (25.000 IDR/ 2.8 USD) and apparently Leo ordered almost the same as me, but beef, anyway, again,let him review it by himself, since we do love being different :p.

Super Spicy Fried Pork Noddle - 85NT

One tips if you like spicy, better you order the spicy to be added while it’s cooked, like what i did, i ordered to add more spicy on it; Ta La..and gosh..i was really ..really spicy, and yeaahh of course i love it. The taste was great, the ingredient mixed well, even the meat was only little..i guess it’s just the price, since compare to other Thai restaurants it was cheap.

One super plus point of this restaurant; they provide 4 different sauce: spicy with vinegar, spicy, spicy with fish oil, fish oil (for me it tasted like shrimp paste or “terasi”). Me? since my food was spicy already, i added some fish oil into and it’s really really great..I love it!

Incredible Good Spicy and Sauces

The portion was small, anyway it’s enough for me, but for boys..i guess you have to order something else..this won’t make you full.

Overall..iI love it!!! This is maybe one of the best Thai restaurant i’ve been tried here. i would like to comeback to try the fried rice, i can imagine, fried rice added with the fish oil..that will be great!

Point? 8.5 from 1 to 10 you got to try it 🙂

That’s all guys, happy eating and see you in the next restaurant 🙂

-wo hen lei…zai jian-



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