Cat Girl – Orange Drink

29 Sep

In Taiwan, if you like to eat outside instead of cooking by yourself or having it in cafeteria inside the school, you will surely soon realize that most of restaurants here don’t sell drinks in their menu, they may provide free tea or just water in a dispenser, so you can take it as you wish, or some may provide free soup instead. Of course, still there are some who provide drink in their menu, but anyway it’s not something common. Simply, restaurant is more to eat not to drink and even more people here are not used to drink during or after eating. soup is enough for them.

So what people here do, if they want to drink after eating? some bring their own water, some get it outside the restaurant, since here there are a lot of drink or tea shop. And one of our favorite is Orange Drink that we call it Cat Girl Drink..wei shenme? i’ll tell you later.

The drink shop is just a small cart of orange drink (or orange juice?? i don’t know) which is located in a small alley in the middle of Gongguan night market, Roosevelt Rd Sec 3 alley 316 lane 8, you will easily find it since it is the only cart who sell the orange drink around there, and even more it’s eye catching, they display the fresh oranges to attract the costumers

Cat Girl - Drink shop

The drink they sell is only one kind: the orange juice! and they have 3 different CC: 500cc which costs you 40 NT, 700CC which cost you 45 NT, or the 2L which cost you 120 NT. Me? i prefer to order the big cup one (700cc for 45 NT), the taste is good, not too sour, not too sweet and the flavor of the orange is strong and fresh, anyway if you want to add more sour flavor, you can, they will add some more orange extract into your drink, like what i always do..i do prefer it more sour than its originally. But really, this drink is one of our favorite after meal.

And is the “Cat Girl” the real drink shop name? hehe..of course not, we..well..Leo just named it for his own reason, which does just make sense for me..and i believe you will agree with us. If you come to this shop, the seller, which is always pretty and cute girl will surely greet you “Ni hao~~” with a very high tone voice til make her sounds like a cat, and it’s true, that’s what make us call them Cat Girl shop, doesn’t it make sense? :p

And talk about high tone voice that they use, we think that it might be the absolute requirement if you wanna be the seller in a drink shop, we do make this hypothesis logically, because in almost..well i think all drink shops, the girls always have high tone voice and speak as sounds they’re cute when doing that, sounds weird? haha..that’s the custom here. Once i even asked to Leo.. aren’t they tired to speak like that?? aren’t they tired to have fake voice? and he just laughed at me, said that it’s something common, trend and even cute here..ahh..whatever, it’s not my style, and never will be :p

And back to the drink, it is good and refreshing. So if you may want to try the is such a worth to try..yeah it’s true that Taiwan is famous with the tea but anyway trying something else gives you its own surprise, like this drink, “high tone”  with its sour and sweet taste 😀

I just hope that my voice will not turn to be like the seller -cat-  just because i like to drink the juice :p

Point? 8 from 1 to 10 scale for the drink


-Leo add some, if you want to 😀 –

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