大福利 排骨大王 – Dà fúlì Ribs King

29 Sep

Tina Says:

Have you ever been manipulated by the smell? we have! I tell you why later.Couple days ago, we..well..i was starving and planned to grab the first food caught our attention, so we were just biking around until we smelled something so delicious and we stopped. The restaurant called 大福利 排骨大王 – Dà fúlì Ribs King and it is located in No 12, Alley 286, Section 3, Roosevelt Rd, near the small park in Gong Guan.

The Restaurant with the cooking area in front

Taiwanese restaurant style, the restaurant has the kitchen in front, that makes the smell spreads around and catches costumers to come, like what happened to us, so we came and the restaurant looked full, but then the waiter told us that there’s another floor up stair, so we were asked to order. Well the menu are Taiwanese food, and all are written in Chinese, no picture, so no way to understand if you don’t come with local friend, since the people there don’t understand English either.

The menu is in Chinese only

So good, i was with Leo, Ta de Zhong Wen hen hao…so he translated and explained all the menu they have, well..basically the main menu are only rice and noddle, and the meat are chicken (leg, streak..all fried) and fried fish. The price as shown in picture are from 80 to 110 NT for main dishes and 45 to 65 NT for the side dishes such as vegetable stir fried.

I ordered for rice with chicken steak which costed me for 80 NT ( 24.000 IDR or 2.6 USD). And i paid at the cashier, and waited only for less than 5 mins to get my food and carried it up by myself, the service was very fast!

Rice with chicken steak - 80NT

And let’s talk about how it tasted, and why i said we were manipulated by the’on it was smelled so good, so i think it’s normal if i expected it would taste good as well..but then i found it so disappointing, because for me the taste was so horrible. Okay, it is tasteless, i need to put the chili powder to give it some..well any taste,-and i preferred it spicy- the chicken was too…tooooo oily, a lot of fat, a lot of bones, and the stirred vegetable was not good either. They also have free soup for the costumers, tofu and seaweed soup, and i did try it, and it was the same tasteless as my meal, the soup was like only water with a little ginger, little onion and salt at all. so i put down my chopsticks and my spoon and didn’t finish my lunch. It was awful!

And apparently Leo’s meal was not better than me, but anyway let him give his own opinion later, so we both were disappointed and we discussed a bit about what the score for this restaurant. We tried to consider some good points like the fast service even you have to carry your own meal, the spacious enough restaurant, the free water and soup, but then I am so sorry for i will not give more than 4 from 1 to 10 scale. It was a failure for me, even afterwards i heard from local friend that the restaurant is kind of famous and they often order the pian dang (meal box) there, but anyway it doesn’t mean anything for me.. tasteless is tasteless, and i don’t wanna come back there

Anyway, still happy eating and see you in the next restaurant



Leo Says: FAILURE!

Have you ever written “Fail” in your Google image search? Well, if you look further enough maybe you will find our faces after trying this food.

It had happened to me many times to receive warnings from Asians. If I want to add some soy sauce to my steamed rice: be careful! it will be too salty. If I ask for very spicy food: be careful! it will be too hot. If I ask to add two small sugar packets to my cafe: But it will be too sweet!. Finally, they will ask you if the food has bad taste, or even worst, they wont add any sugar in your coffee… MOFO! If I ask for it, just give it to me. I like my drink sweet, my food tasty and my health, well, I still can afford to buy my own drugs.

Now we went to the Ribs King (translated by us), it smells good, it is famous, many people ordering all the time, and, come on, they are the kings! Bullshit. This is ground zero, this is where everything started, the lack of flavor, the lack of salt on restaurants tables, the complains when you add spice by your own, and don’t fool yourselves, if you add salt to a deep fried chicken IT WONT BE MUCH HEALTHIER AT ALL!

And the cultural scam doesn’t finish here. I live in Taipei since 2009 and I still have the same problems at ordering food. If you order a beef noodle soup (牛肉麵湯) you wont get any beef, but if you order the beef noodles (牛肉麵) then you get the soup with the beef and the noodles, when if you order the dry beef noodles (牛肉乾麵) you wont get it dry at all, it comes with a beef sauce, but no soup. Well, I still keep falling in the foreigner-loosing-the-battle-against-mandarin trap. I wanted a fried fish with noodles, it sounds fantastic that way, and I ordered codfish with noodles (鱈魚麵), and what I got is this:


 A tasteless soup made by water and a layer of oil, whit tasteless noodles, and a pappy oil-sweating deep fried fish. How can you eat this things together? really, there is no concordance between them. And I pay 90NT for it? I would stay at school, where I get the same shitty food but at half the price.

Food: 2/30. I add 1 point for the smell and 1 point for the dried onion in the soup.
Service: 3/30. It is very fast (not for the fish, but for the chicken that is already half cocked), but you have to serve yourself, and no body cleaned any table during our stay, they are lucky they have a lot of space in the second floor.
Ambient: 19/30. Aircon, no need to wait, TV in both floors, but smelly. They have a great big window in the second floor, so you can sit next to it and watch the building in front, lets say… about 4 meters away from you.

Still thinking why Taiwanese love this place so much.


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