Indo Sakura – Indonesian Foods

28 Sep

Tina Says:

Guys, here finally i would like to share you about an Indonesian restaurant called Toko Indo Sakura, well..actually it is not in Gongguan, but as Leo said, let it be in, as it is one of our favorite and we’re gonna put it as a bonus track of Gongguan review Series 😀 The restaurant is located in Xinhai Road Sec 1 no 27, some building next to MRT Taipe Power Building Exit 2 (gosh..i wish i put the correct address..anyway, i’ll do correct it later).

Indo Sakura

As we used to do after i finish church, last Sunday we had lunch in Toko Indo Sakura since Leo was like craving for its fried rice, yeah he loves the fried rice in this restaurant..and so do I, and for me..of course as I am Indonesian, i love all the foods there, the taste just gets on my tongue.

This restaurant is small and kind of a combined between a restaurant and a mini market which provides some Indonesian stuffs such as cosmetics, various of snacks, foods, some cooking food ingredient, and etc. And inside are only for no more than 16 persons. This place has no air conditioner, but anyway it is open air and it has 2 big ceiling fans. While you enjoy your foods, the Indonesian aura is somehow around through the television programs that they’re watching or the music.

Indo Sakura - A Combined Restaurant and Mini Market

The menu provided are of course Indonesian foods and Halal*. They have some kind of buffet that you can take it by your self and also some kind of menus that you need to order first, and they will cook it or heat it right after you order, such as fried noodle, fried rice, soto (Indonesian Soup), and Bakso (Indonesian meat ball)

Buffet Menu

For the foods that they serve in buffet, let me warn it is Indonesian foods, some of them are spicy, so if you cannot eat spicy, better you ask first and make sure you don’t take foods that will only burn your tongue and stomach, like what my Taiwanese friend experienced before. The same thing you should do if you want to order the one they write in menu…if you don’t like spicy, just let them know..anyway, for me..spicy is always better 😀

Menu that you can order

And one more thing, the menu is provided in Bahasa Indonesia and in Chinese, no English menu, and the price is from 80 NT to 100 NT for the foods, and they also provide some Indonesian drinks in price 30 NT

And get into what we ordered, just to make it different from what Leo ordered (as i told you, he was craving for the chicken fried rice), i ordered Soto Ayam, Indonesian chicken soup that costed me 100 NT (30.000 IDR or 3.3 USD)..well what do you want me to say? of course i love it, well..don’t compare with the original we get in Indonesia which is of course better taste and cheaper, the Soto Ayam here anyway compares to most of the foods in Taipe is still better and tasty for me :p..yeah..what can i say..

Soto Ayam (Indonesian Chiken Soup) - 100 NT

And I did also try Leo’s fried rice..again, what can i say..I love it too..but anyway, let leave it to Leo to review and give his comments on it. will not be fair, if i ,as the Indonesian, give the scale point of the Indonesian foods..because i would like to 10 on me be mentioning point for this..just make it like this: you’re so welcome to come and prove that i am not making it is delicious, and if i may recommend you..the Fried Rice is the best among all the menus, among all the fried rice i’ve ever eaten in Taiwan..hehe

Okay..that’s all..see you in the next restaurants and happy eating



Leo Says:

I am “write” now in my desk drinking my first Kopi Luak (Civet coffee), and I think is the best complement for this review.

If there is something difficult to find in any country, it is food that tastes similar to the original. But if you wanna have good food, better to follow the natives (or the jilbabs in this case). Sometimes the food must be adapted to the local taste or sometimes it is almost impossible to cook it the same way you do it back in your hometown, but believe me when I say that this is real Indonesian style spicy food.

I have not tried many dishes in this place, but what I have eaten was wonderful. The fried rice, the noodles, the soup, all well prepared, big portions (besar besar), and once you try it once you just want to go back to that place. I think that the key of this place is the Indonesian girls working at the kitchen.

The place is really charming. This small eatery shop with the supermarket shelves on the left, and an old computer at the back playing Indonesian music or funny TV programs, all the posters on the wall, and the Taiwanese boss that is always smiling. You can see Indonesian girls screaming in and out of the place (rarely you can find boys here), and you have everything you need on the table.

The food is always fast, hot and abundant. As most of the times I go there for breakfast (because Tina is there at 11am, for which if I have breakfast at 10am then I’m not hungry) I use to order no spicy so I can add it by myself; and contrary of what you would expect, it is no spicy at all. But if you order spicy, then be ready!.

If you are studying your second Chinese book you wont have problems to understand the menu. Maybe next time I go I will propose the boss to translate the menu to English and Spanish in exchange for free food.

Food: 25/30. Is very good, but there are not much choices.
Service: 26/30. It would be 30 if they have waiters, but the boss is just a scream away from your needs. Is very fast and fresh food.
Ambient: 27/30. Is lovely for an informal lunch, is opposite to the sun and all open so it is not hot; I never felt the need for aircon until Tina reviewed it.

Terima kasiiiiii


Halal (Arabic: حلال‎ ḥalāl, “lawful”) is a term designating any object or an action which is permissible to use or engage in, according to Islamic law. The term is used to designate food seen as permissible according to Islamic law (no pork)


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