Quan’s Hong Kong Eatery

24 Sep

Tina Says:

The first restaurant that we tried was a Hong Kong style food restaurant called ” Quang’s Hong Kong Eatery”. It is located at Rossevelt Rd.sec 4, Lane 24 Alley 12 No. 3

Quan's HK Eatery from outside

It is not a fancy restaurant -which you’d like to have a date-, instead It is just a small restaurant, that will be full only with 12 persons, but the place is clean, and they have the air conditioner inside -so no ‘hell burned’ when summer comes-.
This restaurant provides Chinese foods like porridge, noodle (fried and soup), vegetable cha (in Bahasa we called it tumis, and pardon me for i can’t find the word in English) with price range from 40 to 80 NT for the main dishes and 80 to 120 NT for the side dishes. You may wonder why side dishes are even more expensive than the main dishes, we did, but then we discovered why, when Leo ordered it (well..let him tell you by himself)

Quan's HK - inside

If you are foreigner and cannot speak Chinese, you don’t have to be worry, because they have the English menu, and the owner speaks a little English, so you are not supposed to find difficulty to language barrier.
And about the service, they serve the food fast, and ‘hot from the kitchen’ :p.

The menu is also provided in English

The food I ordered was Singaporean glass noddle which cost 75 NT ( +/- 22.000 IDR or 2.5 USD)

Singaporean Fried Glass Noddles - 75 NT

The noddle is high okay for me, i guess it has some curry flavor inside, and i can taste the curcuma sensation from it – that what makes the yellow color, i believe-
Unlike many other restaurants that i often complain the foods are not salty enough, the foods in this restaurant are tasty, and for you who like spicy like me, you may like this noddle, because it’s spicy enough even without adding any spicy. The portion is big..well, at least for me, i couldn’t finish it by myself and need Leo to do it.

My Conclusion for this restaurant is: if you like the Chinese – Hong Kong style foods, i would recommend this place but it’s not for a formal or special occasion, just if you want to eat good foods.
let’s make it in number, i have 7.5 from 1 to 10 scale.

That’s it! see you in the next restaurant 🙂



Leo Says:

As a foreigner, a western foreigner, I appreciate the food in a different way than Asians. I don’t like my stomach to be filled with rice when I have the money and the possibility to eat meat or vegetables. However, I think that rice can be the best friend of dishes like KongPao (宮保) or Three cups (三杯).

When Tina gave me the menu I was surprised of discovering that the “small dishes” (小吃) were a 30% more expensive that the other dishes, and of course that was the reason that made me want it. After being advised by the waitress that this small dishes had no rice, I ordered the Ginger beef (100NT, about 3.5 USD). What a surprise when I found this big dish full of beef, onions and a very strong ginger flavor.

Ginger Beef - 100 NT

As Tina said, the “hot from the kitchen”-just made beef was terrific! The perfect combination of smooth spicy from the ginger, the texture of the stir fried onions and the soft and juicy beef crowning my meal. It would be perfect with a small bowl of steamed rice, but as I knew that Tina was not going to finish her noodles I didn’t need to order it.

This place is one of the few left in GongGuan that still has fried rice, so if you were wondering were to eat it, just go to this place. They don’t sell drinks, neither have free drinks inside, so remember to bring your own. I would go back to try other small dishes. Their most famous food is porridge and the HK style fried noodles.

Food: 24/30. Is all you can expect for the prices. I liked that is juicy (HK style sauce)
Service: 22/30. The food is fast, but only one girl for about 15 persons inside and the takeouts.
Ambient: 15/30. They have aircon and TV, but you will share your table (up to 6/8 persons each) and the space is small. Is a good place for a lunch break for students or people who work around the area.


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